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The 13th edition of the most creative fashion week in the world, Feeric Fashion Week, took place between July 21st and 25th in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania and its surroundings.

The curtains have come down on another successful edition of Feeric Fashion Week, the driving force of the fashion industry in Eastern Europe — an organisation that always supports the artisanal works of young and established designers. Since 2008, it has been a meeting point to explore new trends, and an important national and international showcase for creatives in the fashion world. The 13th edition of Feeric Fashion Week once again turned Sibiu into the world capital of fashion, and between July 21st and 25th, guests from all over the world came to Sibiu to #feelfeeric and to discover new collections in unconventional spaces.

Starting the first day of shows was Apoldist, a fair trade online curated fashion store that aims to make a change by highlighting ethics & aesthetics — and for those who need more, they are here to teach them how to choose better. Being the first sustainable shop of its kind, Apoldist offers its customers the possibility to buy back clothes with discounts, in exchange of their own used/vintage items that will later be upcycled. For a unique and sustainable shopping experience, Apoldist offers a selection of curated designers, both emerging and established, young talents and students — some of whom work with sustainable fabrics, but surely all of whom are operating ethically. Together, we discovered the work of the selected designers, but not before being encouraged by the team of Apoldist to invest in long lasting design, dress effortlessly, make conscious choices, be material-wise, wear clothes that matter and never refuse to reuse fashion.


The final result of the process mentioned above was seen in the next collection made in collaboration with two talents, Mira and Jacqueline, under the title of Hooldra, a responsible upcycling clothing brand. And because Hooldra proposes a new ethical standard in fashion, sustainable and with considerably less impact on the environment, the artistic moment was joined by a media campaign initiated by Feeric Fashion Week and Humane Society International in Romania, which aims to stop the use of furs and natural leather in fashion creations.

The first evening of the individual presentations ended in the beautiful setting of Cetății Street, between the Potters ‘and Carpenters’ towers. Bennu presented its first collection that mixed the traditional with innovation, design and functionality, all in a sustainable direction. The bag collection is distinguished by the fact that it is completely ecological and explores new horizons by using vegan leather, obtained from fruit peel. Along with the bags created from vegan leather, the other part of the collection is made up of bags reused as part of a recycling program.

Bianca Popp opened the next day at Feeric Fashion Week with the presentation of the Inner Diva collection. Inner Diva is a secret cruise collection by Bianca Popp. Dresses that we would wear on the red carpet of our dreams, in a holiday of lust, in a cruise as an object of desire until the end of the world. Life in black and white, where white is day and black is night. Between them, a few colored brushes meant to remind us of the real life we want to leave behind.

Another show that caught our eye: new talents by Kreep. KREEP Agency is an innovative and interdisciplinary platform focused on unconventional and aesthetic productions. Formed by visionary creatives worldwide, this season they showcased for the third time a blended mix of young talents and aesthetic accessories designers. With a key interest in the sustainable aspect of the industry, the brands showcased are ethical, hand-made with an artisan touch. KREEP acts as a platform for showcasing new talents, showing a younger generation of visionaries who are pushing the boundaries.

The Kikimra collection signed by Alexandru Floarea was a collection inspired by the desolate image of New York during the ’70s and’ 80s, reflected in the photographs of the German artist Miron Zownir. Years characterised by an overwhelming sexual and creative energy, the gloomy world of nightlife. The collection allows us to venture into a space beyond what the eye can see. Although poetic, it at the same time makes us wonder and reflect. The collection is not part of the “mainstream”, highlighting the unconventional, peripheral and extreme parts of society, dominated by glamour entertainment and false feelings.

For the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, Lily of The Valley celebrated femininity inspired by nature’s beauty. Using refined natural materials, embroidery and inorganic shades mirroring nature, the collection suggests a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Each piece is adorned with a fine golden touch, like a delicate caress of the sun’s rays. Cocktail dresses make a game of opacity and transparency, giving a note of brilliance to each design.

Valentina ZeedVelmoda was born in 2016, when the young designer Valentina Zeed decided to enter the exuberant world of fashion, materialising a uniqueness and creativity. Valentina gave birth to a concept which brings to life the sensuality, emotion and power of being a woman, using materials such as natural silk, natural silk veil, but also precious stones sewn by hand in different shapes, joined harmoniously together, representing the unique Velmoda style. The creator addresses modern, romantic, sensual women, but also business women, independent and confident, ready to conquer the world. The young designer wants each person to be unique and fabulous in their creations, distinguished by refinement, elegance and style.

Olga Mihoc — The ‘garments in the MOtion’ collection combines contemporary styles specific to the active lifestyle of women with an emphasis on various elements such as pockets, collars, lapels, zippers, fringes and more, which outline as a whole its artistic concept. The garments are produced in limited series, and some are unique, created from recycled materials. The collection finds its inspiration in the dynamics of today’s society, in which women associate fashion with a tool of perfect expression of one’s identity and not just with a form expressed by the need to cover the body.

Needless to say, sustainability played a big role in the 13th edition of Feeric Fashion Week, and we all know how much our industry need this. For this reason and many others, we were able to #feelfeeric once again.

Discover more from Feeric Fashion Week on its website.

words. Landiana Yolo


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