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There is a place where fashion and photography collide — where imagination runs free and otherworldly creations are made. Find freedom to merge the dynamism of fashion and the creativity of photography through the Master of Arts in Photography course focusing on fashion and editorials at LABA Valencia. Starting January 2024, the course is a Postgraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Photography validated by Coventry University and serves as a place to merge the contemporary capabilities of photography with a fashion-focused and editorial lens. 

The course runs from January to December 2024 and will give students the working experience to have a direct hands-on and completely in-person learning environment. By learning about trends across the fashion, culture, art and editorial spaces, students in the MA will have the opportunity to gain experience in art direction, editorial publishing, and photojournalism — all while being supported by the best and brightest in the fashion editorial sphere in Europe and the UK.

Spread across three terms, the MA’s content will be focused on photography and editorial production and the practices around them. With that in mind, students have the opportunity to have their best proposals to be published in collaborating magazines, such as Schön! Magazine, and be featured in a group exhibition through MAGNUM Agency. With this MA in particular, students will be given a breadth of knowledge and experience across the fashion photography field, given them the skills and understanding they need to succeed.  

As part of their learning, students will be taught by prolific creatives who have all made their own unique mark on their industries. Instructors include Vincent Urbani, fashion and advertising photographer, Ismael Chappaz, founder and director of the House of Chappaz, art directors Alvaro Peñalta and Nacho Ramón, art curator Eduardo García Nieto, and Ricardo Ort, creative and artistic director of the Ulises studio. Clients of these teachers range from Netflix to The New York Times, in addition to having experience in using AI, art galleries, and everything in between.

LABA Valencia’s Master of Arts in Photography, Postgraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Photography begins January 2024. More information at www.labavalencia.net 

photos. Siddharth Gautam
art direction. Cristina Casanova

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