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Eduardo Ocantos


This January, the second edition of La Costa Fashion Experience descended on various locations of La Costa Partido, an Argentinian coastal province roughly 300km from Buenos Aires. As a fashion show, La Costa Fashion Experience does not fail to maximise its attendees’ sensory experience with breath-taking, natural landscapes, magnificent garments, gorgeous models, and lively music. With its infectiously zesty atmosphere, not only does the event bring together national and international personalities to showcase their impressive designs (thus placing Argentina’s fashion on the map) but it also almost inevitably renders the Province of Buenos Aires more and more of a tourist attraction. Schön! was lucky enough to witness such an eye-candy and terrific showmanship first hand. Spread across three consecutive days, here are some events that we attended.

Taking place at Lucila del Mar, the first day saw the vibrant designs of Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, who opened her first studio in Madrid. The mixture of textures, shapes and vastly colourful prints that characterise the joyful identity of the brand congruently fitted within the spectacular, windy, beachy setting. In certain instances, the garments had an unequivocally clear sustainability-driven message, as was the case for Alexia Toumikian’s coral pink swimsuit with an unmissable bright yellow “PLASTIC FREE OCEAN.” 

As the second day unfolded in a forest in Costa del Este, we were witness to a simple mystic and unforgettable experience. Here, we were exposed to various fashion designers, such as Pablo Ramírez, Isabella Di Matteo Tricot (whose show was presented by Marianna Miceli from Mad Mood Fashion Week), Valentina Karnoubi, and Eduardo Ocantos.


Minimalist and elegant in nature, Ramírez’s garments were worn by unapologetically fierce models with natural, dewy look with bright, defined lipstick. Italian designer Di Matteo Tricot brought glitz to the catwalk with her sophisticated garments. Valentina Karnoubi, with her folk- and romantic-inspired clothes, filled the walkway with flowers. Known for his colourful prints, Ocantos surprised us with an unusual yet beautiful black-and-white collection. 

What best way to end the event than to host the last show the luxurious Punta Médanos? With the beams of sunset gently shimmering on the marvellous garments and the glistening lake, viewers were unquestionably given an ultimate, memorable, magical experience. The show introduced us to the work of fashion designers the likes of Juan Sartor, Gustavo Pucheta, and Jorge Rey.

Presenting us with his brand Anunnaki, Médanos’ designs centre around contemporaneity, versatility, and spontaneity. Pucheta’s predominantly white colour palette harmoniously blended in with the paradisiac scene while Rey’s collection, titled “Glamour,” was voluminous and colourful and the best note to close the show.

Needless to say, with the merge of fashion and natural landscapes, La Costa Fashion Experience has given us an invaluable insight into one’s perception of fashion and showmanship, in ways other fashion shows are not necessarily able to, and we are already excited to return for its third edition. 

La Costa Fashion Experience, using Silkey products for hair and the make up by MAC Cosmetics, took place on January 24-27, 2020.
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words. Edwin Boadu

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