dress. Karim Adduchi

Myrthe Giesbers’ photography earnestly captures a golden scene is this Schön! online editorial. Fashion by Sato Okoro sees modelDeirdre in amply romantic pieces that perfectly mirror the subtly tender hair and makeup by Magdalena Loza.

full look. Steven Vanderyt
jacket. Won hundred
top. Esmay Hijmans
hat. Demure Couture

dress. David Laport
top. Barbara Langendijk

top. Schueller de waal
trousers + bra. Esmay Hijmans

sleeves + top. Esmay Hijmans
jacket + trousers. Won Hundred
hat. Demure Couture
top. Fien Ploeger

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Myrthe Giesbers
fashion. Sato Okoro
model. Deirdre @ VDM Model Management
hair + make up. Magdalena Loza

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