Schön! Presents | Kai Dunkel – Exitus

In an urban landscape, figures emerge out of the architectural world of Kai Dunkel. The setting for this exclusive film is a futuristic and dystopian city-state where uncertainty reflects in the silhouette of civilization.

The controlling system suppresses each call for independence. Dystopia becomes reality.


2The opponents to this new world are three awakened that form the counterpart to that ideology, acting under the cloak of a new world order. A uniform which perfectly adapts to its hostile surroundings.

It exemplifies a clean and minimalistic look with asymmetrical seams, partnered with elements of the gas mask which reflect the system whereas high collars and buckles function as protection.

The awakened mind of people lead to a march against the new world to crush and overpower the existing dependence.

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This Kai Dunkel video was produced by

Directed & Edited By / Nico Meyer-Brenkhof 
Camera / Jens Wirtzfeld 
Music & Sounddesign / Stefan Hoffmeister
Production Manager / Yannick Ploeger
Hair & Make-Up / Steven Cai
Models / Jasin Chang, Tianyi Wen, Nick Sun

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