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Justinas Krasuckas is an artist of the digital age: he doesn’t need brushes and acrylics to create a painting or can undo strokes with a touch of a button.

In an era when the limits of the traditional physical medium doesn’t exist anymore: infinite canvas size, millions of colours and with the godly ability of taking back mistakes digital painting is emerging not only as a new form of art but also a new form of freedom. Krasuckas believes that traditional art shows only one side of art and the digital techniques give more freedom to experiment.

The young Lithuanian web designer turned painter/illustrator was trained in traditional manner but in his artworks he likes to experiment with mixing both digital and traditional art form. “Web design taught me about composition, arrangement and focal point of viewer. I try to integrate my knowledge of web design to my other projects. Everything goes to art and aesthetics.”

In his digital artwork “Flora” he wanted to create a feminine portrait with an interesting twist, experimenting with shapes and patterns around the eyes. “Unpredictability is one of the most interesting thing I could see in digital art medium. Flora means the plant life in broad terms. I thought this painting should symbolize that to the viewer.”

Krasuckas’ obsession with Egon Schiele, Austrian expressionist draughtsman inspired several digital illustrations. “Sorrow” was inspired by his interest in traditional graphics printmaking technique called linocut. “I made this picture in one session. Using Adobe Photoshop lasso tool I just drew whole image.”

He recently turned to oil paintings, but still uses digital medium to sketch ideas for the final work. “It’s just a tool to me. It lets me have inspiration. If you could draw or paint, you could do it with simple pen on toilet paper and it would be marvelous artwork.”

View Krasuckas’ work on his website or have a look at his video portfolio.


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