Julién Bélle: JustBBélle founder, UK based, and the man behind the rechargeable handbag. Julién’s creations allow you to recharge your camera, tablet, or mobile on the go. Sound ingenious? Schön! agrees.  Having spent the past decade styling and designing for musicians, models and designers, Julién knows better than anyone the power of communication. In a world where the average women will spend £4000 on bags across her lifetime, and 30 million of us rely on our mobiles for instant communication. It’s a mystery no one’s blended purpose and luxury before. Or perhaps they have, but it hasn’t been packaged in full grain nappa leather nor does it have the vintage touch that JustBBélle prides itself on. Julién’s designs allow its owner to confidently brandish their designer taste, whilst always being prepared for a potential electronic let-down. Here’s what Julién has to say about his emerging label.

Function isn’t always considered paramount in fashion. What inspired you to combine the two?

The JustBBélle handbag that recharges your gadgets was actually very natural and organic in thinking. Especially as smart phones are like people’s lifeline nowadays. So why not give designer handbags another reason to be luxury and allow you to essentially recharge your life? People live very busy lives and the last thing anyone wants is to have their battery die at the moment they need their phone most.

Do you feel you’re beginning to revolutionise the handbag industry in anyway?

Revolutionise haha. That’s a question I throw back at you. Do you feel that JustBBélle is starting to revolutionise the handbag industry? Let’s say we’re starting to make splashes around the globe. A luxury designer handbag is a statement piece; I just want consumers to open their eyes a little bit more and know what they are spending their money on. Be a bit more educated on why they purchase a designer handbag. A handbag that is unusual, limited edition or crafted with a designer label – ok – but what does it do to warranty your loyalty if you’re not getting  the most out of something you carry around every day. And that’s what a JustBBélle bag offers.


What’s more important to JustBBélle – the design or how functional your handbags are?

Both are important to me. Form follows function, so deciding to encompass both in our design was something that could not be ignored. All our creations are multifunctional, and all the designs are original, limited, bold & exuberant in colour and style. JustBBélle will always give you that. As well as looking stunning, it powers any smart phone. We give you a reason to pull your handbag out.

Your bags have a distinct vintage feel. When designing how important is it to combine what’s current with your signature vintage accents?

Very important. When coming up with designs I get a lot of inspiration from the vintage era. I believe that my work blends vintage with new modern elements inventing timeless classics. You’ll notice how distinctive all of our bags are with full grain leather and premium materials. JustBBélle handbags should be worn boldly and courageously as a statement of the wearer’s personality.

What’s your main source of inspiration when designing a new JustBBélle bag?

I constantly gain inspiration from nature, travel and culture. Different tones, textures, colours and patterns inspire my designs. I try to combine technology with flair and take the time to make sure all JustBBélle handbags are beautifully crafted.

What kind of girl represents JustBBélle?

She is Bélle (beautiful,) edgy and empowered. Women with femininity and sensuality – that represents JustBBélle.

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Interview / Shama Nasinde

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