backstage at paris women’s | john galliano

John Galliano 1Barely-there lace and hot blazers were seen in John Galliano’s feminine translation of a masculine sensibility. It seemed as if designer Bill Gaytten was thinking, “What if Galliano were a woman,” in a collection of sweetly punk looks. Photographer Alice Jacquemin captures the action backstage as these models prepare to demonstrate who’s truly wild at heart. 

Backstage_John-Galliano007 Backstage_John-Galliano031 Backstage_John-Galliano045 Backstage_John-Galliano009 John Galliano 2 Backstage_John-Galliano028 Backstage_John-Galliano050 Backstage_John-Galliano056 Backstage_John-Galliano057 John Galliano 3 Backstage_John-Galliano061 Backstage_John-Galliano058 Backstage_John-Galliano067 Backstage_John-Galliano069 Backstage_John-Galliano070 Backstage_John-Galliano072

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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