it takes a village

Photographer and filmmaker Amanda Demme, along with her producing partner Stephanie Westcott, take you on a personally curated visual tour of some of the finest craftsman in the fashion, art and entertainment industries. Inspired by Demme’s current fine art series “THREAD”, which captures each subject in an environment reminiscent of 19th century portrait paintings, Demme’s personal admiration for the individuals’ photographed results in a collaboration of artist with artist. Her unique approach to lighting and textures, coupled with her passion for art direction and wardrobe, has provided the tools for writer Mark Jacobs to exemplify Demme’s work of spotlighting these innovators: set designer who works with esteemed fashion photographers, Mary Howard; cocktail waitress turned successful casting director, Laray Mayfield; film editor and Academy Award winner, Angus Wall; writer and creator of Glee and American Horror Story, Brad Falchuk; music video director at the height of MTV’s influence from the ‘90s until present, Mark Romanek; theatre director, choreographer and 2011 Tony Award winner, Casey Nicholaw; book publisher and creator of artistic network/art gallery OHWOW, Aaron Bondaroff; pop artist turned successful film scorer, Michael Penn; cinematographer with an Oscar-nominated documentary, Ellen Kuras; and costume designer and 2011 Oscar winner, Mark Bridges.

All photography / Amanda Demme
Words / Mark Jacobs


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