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As well as Tag Mag, Schön! Magazine has started collaborating with Shortcut, an app that lets you scan, share and store interesting print extracts from the magazine, helping to provide a cool link between the physical and the online world.

The system couldn’t be more convenient and easy to use:
• Download the free app on your Smartphone. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows
• Take a photo of the text or image that caught your attention with your phone (on pages with the Shortcut icon you will find additional digital content)
• Then decide whether you want to share it through social media networks or just use it to access the additional digital content.

Get Schön! > Download App > Take a Photo > Enjoy more digital content !

After scanning the bit you’re interested in, the app will give you the option to save it in Evernote, an extremely useful tool that stores notes and images and synchronises all data with your computer. Once you begin building up your digital archive you’ll be able to instantly have access to articles or pieces of inspiration whenever you want. Meaning the act of cutting things out of magazines will become a thing of the past, leaving your beloved issue of Schön! whole!

Downloading the Shortcut app turns the act of perusing through an issue of Schön! into an easy interactive experience. Within a few seconds you can send an editorial or multi-page article, as e-versions to your friends via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook!

You can try Shortcut out on your favourite Schön! Magazine, so get your printed issue HERE

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