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Quarantine has changed the way creatives make music. Under limited circumstances, it’s brought out the best in many and Canadian Alt Hip Hop trio Planet Giza are no exception. When lockdown halted their plans, members Tony Stone, Rami B and DoomX made an EP in six days. The result is Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon, a project that hits the sweet spot between neo and classic Hip Hop. Sonically, their new EP is a production-driven breath of fresh air that basks in contemporary nostalgia. Exploring the cautions of living for the fast lane, it features Jazz-inspired hooks akin to the The Internet and sleek melodies reminiscent of their frequent collaborator Kaytranada. Planet Giza’s versatility shines throughout the record. Funky opening track Icarus transitions into their latest single When The Moving Stops. It’s an EP highlight which blends Timbaland-esque production with Stone’s warm and witty vocals. Schön! chats with the rising group as their sharp lyricism and immersive production make them one of 2021’s most exciting artists.

How did you all meet?

Tony and Rami used to play basketball together when they were younger. Then Tony and Doom met later on through a mutual friend. We all linked up one day at Tony’s house to make beats and have been making music ever since.

What do you think makes the dynamic between the three of you work so well?

We all have different influences so when we come together to create we all bring something different to the table.

Who are some of your influences?

Roy Ayers, Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Outkast, UGK and many more.

How did you first link up with producer Kaytranada?

Rami: I used to be in the same collective as him called “Alaiz” so that’s where I met him and Lou Phelps.

DoomX: I met him and Lou Phelps just by being in the music scene very early on.

Tony: The music scene we’re in is pretty small. Eventually you end up meeting everyone just by being around, that’s how we linked up with him and Lou.

Can you tell us what the music scene in Montreal like?

The music scene in Montreal is great. Big shoutout to Artbeat Montreal. They are the ones who first created a platform to showcase the talent in our city. But yeah, still a lot of potential.

Canadian artists always come with a unique twist on classic genres. Why do you think that is?

Canada is a melting pot of different cultures, especially cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. So, I guess everyone likes to bring their own twist to everything.

What do you think is exciting about being an artist in music today?

I mean for us, it’s just to get better everyday at what we do, that’s what keeps us excited to make music. The industry itself is basically whack so we don’t lean on that to keep us motivated and excited.

How do you feel quarantine has helped or hindered you?

We were actually working on something just before covid. We had everything planned up and then quarantine hit. We had to come up with another plan and we decided to make this EP which took us six days total to make.

What were you trying to explore in your EP Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon?

Something outside of our comfort zone. We wanted to show that we can make different types of music and still put our twist to it. Shoutout to JMF who helped co-produce the whole thing!

What’s the significance of the title?

The title has several meanings. One of the main ones is don’t dwell on the bad things in life because the sun always comes up in the end.

What can fans expect from you in the upcoming year? 

Definitely more music like always. As well as shows and more goodies!

Planet Giza’s new EP ‘Dont Throw Rocks At The Moon’ is out now.

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