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After unveiling her rendition of Cher’s “Believe” back in November, Amy Steele is back with a vengeance. The London R&B singer has returned and this time, she’s decided to honour another great. With her latest track, “Feeling Good,” Steele pays homage to Nina Simone’s 1965 classic. “I’ve always loved [this song],” Steele admits to Schön! “[So] we got in the studio and made a version that felt right for me. As a musician, there are so many tracks that I’ve always loved, and have been foundational to why I do music, and why I love music. I think this is one of them.”

Though she admits she still “loves the original so much,” it wasn’t precisely the song’s melodiousness itself that caught Steele’s attention. Instead, her rationale to cover the track came directly from its poignant message. “I think the message of the song is really important,” she tells Schön! “It’s really empowering and a reminder that our freedoms are so natural to us, and to every living thing. That it’s something we should be so mindful of [and] not to jeopardise for anything, in any context, whether on purpose or not because then [we] have lost everything.”

“The song is just a proclamation of freedom, which is even more important when you consider it in a historical context,” Steele continues. “It’s important to pay homage to Nina’s legacy and to remember in general.”And Steele is definitely free. Apart from the “Feeling Good” cover, she has also been busy in the studio working on her forthcoming EP, which she assures us “is on its way.” Incidentally, it’s precisely in the studio where Steele is most comfortable. “[I] spend as much time in the studio as possible, because that’s where all the ideas become real,” the songstress admits.

“I have a million voice notes on my phone with lyrics and ideas, then when I get into the studio, we feel out the vibe and make music.” But, after the EP releases, she will gladly trade the studio for the road to connect with fans. “Once the EP is out I’m excited to play it live,” she gleefully proclaims.

As to what’s next for Steele? With her next release already slated for October, it’s safe to say she is keeping more than a couple of aces up her sleeve. “I’m excited about so many things,” she admits. “But mostly I would say, to put out my new music that shows how I’ve grown as an artist, and to share that.”

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