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Do you love travelling? Experiencing new things? We’re sure there can be no better job than being an on-board flight attendant for someone who loves to travel. What could be more exciting than travelling to a countless new destinations on a daily basis? In line with this, Lufthansa has launched a series of portraits of members of staff who are, quite simply, inspired by travelling.

In this particular episode of the Inspired by series, in which flight attendant Ann Obinyan is portrayed, we are taken to #Madrid to discover the wonders of Flamenco. #AnnObinyan shares her enthusiasm for the dance with us; when she describes her passion you can really get a feel for the dance. Travelling with #Lufthansa to various places of the globe, like Madrid, means she can really dance as much Flamenco as possible. While she might be a flight attendant by day, by night, her rhythm is let loose, and her Flamenco dancing self is unleashed!

Schön! loves the series and we can’t wait to get on a plane to head to another part of the globe. Be sure to check out the other episodes of #Inspiredby here or like Lufthansa’s Facebook page to follow more stories there. Until then, be inspired, and travel somewhere!


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