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If you happen to be in L.A., don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit The Residency Experience VIP showroom. A project envisioned and founded in tandem by fashion activist B Åkerlund and founder and CEO of TheOnly.Agency, Kent Belden; The Residency Experience is a curated showroom showcasing the work of over 35 designers whose work have dressed icons the likes of Beyoncé, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Cher, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Khloé Kardashian, and more. “B and I have worked hard to build The Residency into a full-service public relations agency specializing in celebrity and editorial outreach,” Belden asserts. “At The Residency, we work with incredibly talented and unique designers that continue to grow and make monumental strides for the brand.”

“Over the years, Kent and I have worked extremely hard to build The Residency into a VIP showroom that gives our brands access to iconic celebrity and editorial opportunities,” B continues. “I am personally invested in each one of our designers, and in turn, that much more passionate about their success.” The premiere PR showroom experience opened its doors last week with an event that brought together over 12 of the designers present at the showroom and was completed with outside installations from both United Nude and Angelyne.

Valerj Pobega

“The Residency is unlike any other VIP showroom out there as we work closely with my creative management agency, The Only Agency, allowing ample exposure for designers,” Belden proclaims.“My extensive background in the business side of both the music and fashion industries, combined with B’s unparalleled creative eye, has allowed The Residency to build a comprehensive network of celebrity stylists, editors, costume designers and influencers.” 

A project of passion, commitment, hard work and exquisite innovation; The Residency Experience is a testament to its co-founders’ beliefs in the future of fashion. “Together, we have cultivated something unique and unlike any other PR agency or showroom in the world and I am very proud of that,” B asserts.

The Residency Experience is now open in L.A. by appointment only. 

all images by Ekaterina Belinskaya
words. Sara Delgado


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