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The 2025 collection for Zegna was a celebration of uniqueness — a showcase of singularity. The show, which was built on this premise, set in an austere, vacant industrial space. Yet, amidst the stark white walls, a sudden bloom of linen plants emerges, transforming the lifeless environment into a vibrant scene. But these are not real plants; they’re metal blades, painted in a lively Sentiero yellow, mimicking nature’s vibrancy. This show explores the intersection of man-made and natural, highlighting individuality and the beauty of differences, embodied by ZEGNA’s new chapter and the lush Oasi of Linen collection.

“Now that our reformed vocabulary has been established,” states Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori in the show notes. “It is the moment to focus on how items are or can be used, on the singular ways they mold to individual personalities.” Sartori continuously experiments with shapes, attitudes, and fabrics — and for summer, linen is the essence of ZEGNA’s ethos. Supple yet sturdy, sensual yet rough, Oasi Lino is woven and knitted into a wardrobe that epitomizes a well-to-do summer: light, playful pieces.

Breezy, soft, and easy are just three of the words that encapsulate the silhouettes for this collection, showcasing the body seamlessly. Elongated lines make up the blazers, while the overcoats and jackets are equal parts enveloping and voluminous. Tailored T-shirts and linen knits are artfully designed to serve as outerwear, while mesh and printed polos paired with matching shorts exude an air of sensual sophistication. While the legendary “Il Conte” jacket manifests in a variety of styles, ranging from outerwear and leather to a chic sleeveless gilet. 

The “Mocassin” loafer, the singular shoe gracing the show, epitomizes the effervescent spirit of an Italian summer, reflected in the abstract prints with a botanical Oasi allure and accompanied by soft, capacious suede bags. A symphony of neutral hues—Bianco Zegna, Sentiero yellow, Sorgente blue, Sabbia, Faggio, Castoro—intertwined with the earthy warmth of Terracotta and the delicate charm of Ortensia, and highlighted with the sophistication of Nero Opaco, infuses a vibrant chromatic richness into an opulent array of textures: linen in an array of weights, exquisite cotton/linen blends, silk, technical silk, silk dupion, cotton/silk, mohair/silk, Oasi Cashmere, and the supple elegance of light calf and nubuck SECONDSKIN for accessories.

In the Oasis of Linen, no two individuals are perfectly alike, making each style uniquely true to the wearer.

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