identity disorder

full look. Anchovi

This Schön! online editorial shot by photographer Hyein Lee with creative direction and set design by Hoseung Shin, thoughtfully explores the self. Our team of models wear looks from Anchovi, Dewe dewe, Pax00100 styled by Kai Kim. Hair for the editorial is by Hyunggyu Ahn and make up is by Eunbin Ha. Mask design is by Yeongho Ko + Chami and accessory design is by Yukyung Yoon.  

dress. Dewe dewe

jacket. Pax00100

full look. Stylist’s own

dress. Dewe dewe

body suit. Elliss
trousers. Anchovi

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Hyein Lee
fashion. Kai Kim
models. Mirai, Tory, Brian, Jinhyuk Son, Ranma, Jiyong In + Anu
hair. Hyunggyu Ahn
make up. Eunbin Ha
creative direction + set design. Hoseung Shin
mask design. Yeongho Ko + Chami
accessory design. Yukyung Yoon

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