Celebrating Identity with London Rollergirls and iD Mobile

In the male-dominated world of sports, finding women’s spaces that exist beyond restrictive norms is no mean feat. As an alternative to male-centric games, roller derby is breaking social inertia and reshaping conventions. The London Rollergirls are setting pulses racing with their high-octane matches, and have become one of the most coveted all-girl sports club in the British capital. In New Originals, presented by iD Mobile, the Rollergirls showcase their love for the sport, with various members explaining their trajectories – how they came to discover it, how it has changed their lives, how they feel it can impact individuality.
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Above all, the Rollergirls celebrate empowerment, finding strength in the community drive of team sports – with roller derby breaking the social boundaries of women’s identity through physical activity. The sport admits no shrinking violets into its ranks – with injuries a plenty, the practice comes with its perks, but its risks too.

For those unfamiliar with the game, team members compete to complete laps while the opposite team tries to literally knock them off the task. A contact sport in the truest sense, jammers and blockers collide in a circular game of impact. It’s inclusive, provided that the players are in shape; identity thrives as team strengths hark from the combination of different individuals, regardless of body shape or type. Defying gender stereotypes, the sport celebrates women for their abilities alone. It puts personal strength back on the map: as the London Rollergirls emphasize, uniqueness is strength, telling their tales of emancipation through the sport.

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