i am not my hair

Wemi wears dress. Hyke
Kayla + Kwuow wears dress. Tibi

Highlighting the beauty of Black hairstyles in this Schön! online editorial, photographer Madeleine Dalla shows the empowerment and beauty behind choosing to wear your hear in any style. Whether it’s curls, kinks, straight or shaved, models Wemi, Kayla and Kwuow show that it should be celebrated. Cameron Broomfield is behind styling, Miguel Of Dallas for hair, and Jo Franco for make up. Fashion featured includes looks from Hyke, Tibi, COS and others.

fabric. Mood

coat. Hyke
top. Act III
trousers. Cos
shoes. Dr. Martens

full look. Alexander McQueen

dress. Tibi
boots. Tara Babylon

full look. Tara Babylon

full look. Tibi

sweater. Lacoste
turtleneck. Ganni
trousers + shoes. Tibi

top + skirt. Hyke
shoes. Stuart Weitzman

shirt + trousers. Tibi
shoes. Dr. Martens

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Madeleine Dalla
fashion. Cameron Broomfield
models. Wemi Ahunamba + Kayla Clarke @ Marilyn Agency
Kwuow Omanwith @ Yanii Models
hair.Miguel Of Dallas
make up. Jo FrancoBryan Bantry Agency
hair assistant. Melissa Mushaka

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