Bucherer Teams Up With Hublot For A Unique Blue Editions Design

Collaborations are the fruitful bringing together of two design houses’ most defining characteristics, processes and crafts – the result brings about something altogether unique and new. That’s the case with Bucherer’s latest collaboration with Hublot, which sees a new design spring up in its fusional beauty: discover the Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Editions, a singular timepiece defined above all by its bronze case. This luxurious edition brings together innovation and traditional excellence in a collaboration that is a timely statement of masculine elegance.

The dynamism of watchmaker Hublot is embodied by this new timepiece for Bucherer Blue Editions – with its conception, opposites meets: outstanding craftsmanship and savoir-faire combined with all the modernity of innovative technology. The Classic Fusion collection specifically brings these elements together, providing a great source of inspiration for the new Bucherer Blue Editions model. This design features precious metals as well as industrial, contemporary materials – the very ones that Hublot pioneered with The Classic Fusion, first created in the 1980s.

 “I am very proud to present this boldly crafted edition with our partner Bucherer,” explained Benoît Lecigne, Hublot General Manager. “Hublot is honoured to be involved in the distinctive Blue Editions which have become an iconic collection for Bucherer. I am confident this edition, which demonstrates the strength and vision of both brands, will be well received and will strengthen our partnership moving forward.” The fruit of this collaborative design includes a bronze case, a black ceramic bezel and six H-shaped titanium screws. The combination of materials and colours renders this number a particularly unique one. Perfect for the contemporary gentleman, Hublot’s signature bronze material brings yellow and pink undertones to the watch, and is an investment piece that evolves over time, thanks to the unique properties of the material.

The conversation around the Blue Editions brings innovation with it every step of the way. “I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Lecigne and we are proud to welcome Hublot to the Blue Editions family,” Patrick Graf, Chief Commercial Officer of Bucherer, explained. “The Bucherer Blue Editions are a unique way to demonstrate our strong partnerships with the world’s most renowned watch manufacturers and to offer our customers a collection of extraordinary timepieces they can’t find anywhere else.”

For all gentlemanly individuals, with a distinctive flair for modern timepieces, the Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Editions cannot be overlooked. Discover the brand new design, launching today, here.

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