KVD Vegan Beauty
Super pomade in Graphite
Lash liner
Go Big Or Go Home Mascara
KVD Vegan Beauty
Lock It Foundation in 43
Sade and Light Contour Palette
Lolita eyeshadow


Denelle Ellis and Tom Ellis from Peanut Factory Studio team up for this out-of-the-box Schön! online editorial. Wearing a series of colourful masks, our models are vibrant and crafty, with all masks, make up and creative direction provided by Wilma Stigson

KVD Vegan Beauty
Super Pomade in Graphite
Tattoo Liner
Cake pencil eyeliner
KVD Vegan Beauty
Bloodmilk eyeshadow
Vegan Love eyeshadow palette

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Denelle Ellis + Tom Ellis @ Peanut Factory Studio
creative director, make up + masks. Wilma Stigson

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