gleaming light

suit. Mola Walker
jacket. Baracuta
shoes. Stuart Weitzman
blouse. Antonio Marras


Light pours in from a city window. It’s a new day, and Schön! is here to capture it for this online editorial photographed by Karl Simone. Styled in pieces from Heron Preston, Arcady, Baracuta and more by Tatiana Cinquino, model Annabelle bathes in the light of morning, ready to start again.

suit. Arcady
jumper. Julianna Bass
beret. Kangol

shirt. Sk Manor Hill
jacket. Maxime Hernandez
trousers. 2WN

shirt, belt + trousers. The Brooklyn Circus
shoes. Brandblack

jacket. Sk Manor Hill
shirt + trousers. Eleanor Balfour

jacket. Bristol X Adidas
top. Mola Walker
jeans. Heron Preston
sunglasses. Eyevan 7285
jacket. Heron Preston

jumpsuit. The Brooklyn Cross

shirt. The Brooklyn Cross

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Karl Simone 
Tatiana Cinquino 
Annabelle Weatherly @ State Management New York


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