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all clothing. Gin Salemò


Gin Salemò creates versatile eco-sustainable pieces centred on social justice causes. Established in 2018, the label’s looks are inspired by an imagined future — a world where humanity has set aside its differences and prejudices to achieve sustainability and global eco-consciousness.

In times like these, Gin Salemò tells Schön!, this kind of utopian imagination is more important than ever. Gin Salemò’s prescient SS20 collection, first presented in September 2019, is an exploration of these themes, telling stories of sustainability and environmental care through a diverse range of looks. To hear more about this collection, Schön! spoke with Salemò about the label and what this imagined future might look like.

Can you give us a brief history of the Gin Salemò brand?

Gin Salemò is a Milan-based fashion brand creating eco-sustainable clothing for women and men. I founded the brand in 2018. It concentrates on important issues like human rights, sexism, and ecology as well as innovation, elegance, and quality. All the collections are produced in Italy using high quality and sustainable fabrics. 

all clothing. Gin Salemò

all clothing. Gin Salemò

Many of your designs reference the future. What does your ideal future look like, and how do you design for that future?

The ideal future is one without stereotypes and discrimination with respect for each other and the environment. I am inspired by social issues because I see them — I see so many problems still going on today. I cannot speak about something else and ignore it when it is what matters to me.

What were some of the other inspirations for this collection?

In the SS20 collection, I concentrated mostly on environmental issues and sustainability. I’m speaking about the times in which our beautiful environment and the air we breathe could become our enemy rather than an ally.

One of the inspirations was French surrealist writer Paul Eluard’s words “The world is blue like an orange”. I love this phrase; it always made so much sense to me. I am speaking about setting our minds free and starting to create a new, sustainable future. It all depends on us and how we see it. Although today’s emergency is not an environmental issue – everything is connected. We are seeing a rapid decline in air and water pollution. I believe that with all due respect for today’s pandemic, we must also use this opportunity to take real environmental actions and improve our planet conditions.

Your garment “Future without forgetting the past” has a lot of different meanings and ways of wearing it. What can you tell us about the piece, and what influenced you to create it?

Yes, this garment means so much that I don’t even know where to start — so much research and work in one piece. But in the end, it is like a one garment collection itself. It is a dress-coat that can be worn in 18 different ways. It shows transformation possibilities, and in this way, promotes less consumption. It is made from regenerated cashmere. The fabric is designed by me and handwoven by local manufacturers in Pisa. The zippers, paddings and the piece underneath the dress-coat are made from recycled plastic. On the back, you’ll find an interactive logo “ILoveEarth”, which you can scan and be led to the sustainable production of this garment. I wanted to value traditional manufacturing, in this case, hand weaving, but present it with innovative materials. That is how slow fashion should look. The shapes and textiles have very different historical and geographical inspirations combined together — because that is the future. 

What can you tell us about the accompanying photoshoot? How was it organised, what did you want to capture…

We shot the collection in a Mirror House in North Italy, Bolzano. Amazing and fresh landscapes, blue sky, clear water, but nevertheless, we see models with the masks. Also, this amazing Mirror House — so different from its environment — fits perfectly, like a covert. 

all clothing. Gin Salemò

all clothing. Gin Salemò

How has the current coronavirus crisis affected how you think about your work? What can the role of fashion be during this time?

It changed many things. The industry is completely still now; so many things like new productions and shootings have to wait. But the most important thing is what will follow after. We have to rethink the fashion industry, the way it works. We have to slow down and appreciate the talent and quality over quantity and speed.

How are environmental issues and sustainability connected to the Gin Salemò brand?

Gin Salemò is focused on slow fashion and sustainable production. We use different recycled and organic materials like regenerated cashmere, leather produced from wine waste, organic silk and cotton, recycled plastic fabrics, zippers and paddings and more.

What is coming next for Gin Salemò?

For the next collection, Gin Salemò is coming back to its most important stereotype theme.

all clothing. Gin Salemò

Discover more about Gin Salemò on Instagram.

all clothing + styling. Gin Salemò

photography pool. Ludovica Arcero
models. Rita @ Independent Milano, Pierluigi @ Boom Milano
hair. Michael Muscolino
make up. Egle Roccazzella
photography street. Matteo Triola

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