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Photos provided by Eve Leibe Gallery

In April, Eve Leibe Gallery presented a fascinating group exhibition titled GATES; today, the full show is available for viewing on a digital platform

Co-curated by Caterina Licitra-Ponti, the exhibition highlighted artworks by Cristina O’Hanlon, Lena Grewenig, Lukas Luzius Leichtle, Marianne Vlaschits and Marta Pierobon. GATES explored the body as inspiration and a source of creativity. The exhibition included captivating and honest artworks across various mediums — oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, clay and ceramic sculptures, pastel on paper and more. Each piece invited the viewer to partake in reflection and appreciation of human form and the emotions related to our bodies.

Photos provided by Eve Leibe Gallery

“GATES is the arrival and departure, creating an optimistic opportunity, with society in such transitional flux,” wrote GATES co-curator Caterina Licitra-Ponti about the exhibition. “The artworks are governing our creative emotions, becoming a survival mechanism, producing altered states of consciousness, empowering people to exist.” 

The artists convey feelings of intimacy and peace in regards to the small, yet highly important details of the body — wrinkles, folds, movement and expression. Whether it was Marianne Vlaschits’ use of red, pink and orange tones to create dimension and contrast, or Cristina O’Hanlon’s range of textures and surfaces, there was a sense of deep and personal connection to anatomy. Both Lena Grewenig and Lukas Luzius Leichtle unveiled relationships and interactions with their surroundings and self. Marta Pierobon’s artworks displayed the complexity of an inner dialogue and left room for an audience’s interpretation and discussion. 

This exhibition was and will continue to be unique owing to the diversity of its content and the unified themes it explores. A private journey for the audience, GATES showcased talent and provided a sense of comfort in this particular home called the body.

Photos provided by Eve Leibe Gallery

The full show is available for viewing here. Follow Eve Leibe Gallery on Instagram.

words. Maya Orbach

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