future loneliness

coat. Maison Margiela

How do we prepare for the uncertain? In a world plagued by disarray, definition is a sanctuary. Photographer Jin Jiaji creates his own certitude in this Schön! online editorial, embracing everyday forms in otherworldly scenes. Models Ayaana, Daniella and Uliana gear up for this alien reality in styles by Wilona Wenzhuo Lin, with hair by Hirokazu Endo and make up by Mee Kee.

top + shoes. Matija Cop
bodysuit. Fung

helmet. Mengying Li

armour. Acerbis
shoulder piece. Matija Cop
skirt. Art School
shoes. Liu Chen

jacket. Fidan Novruzova
tights. Marine Serre
jacket. The-sirius
trousers. Raf Simons
bag. Liu Chen

dress. Art School
trousers. KANGHYUK
gloves. Fung
shoes. Xiyuan Wu

gloves. Fung
sleeve. Peter Do
suits. Issey Miyake
shoes. Yunfei Ma

sleeve. Peter Do
suits. Issey Miyake
shoes. Yunfei Ma

suits. Issey Miyake
shoes. Yunfei Ma

hat. Shaun Jordan
suits + shoes. Amir Khorasany
suitcase. Xiao-Tu

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Jin Jiaji 
fashion. Wilona Wenzhuo Lin 
models. Ayaana Steven, Daniella + Uliana Novoselova 
hair. Hirokazu Endo 
make up. Mee Kee 
set design. Nienta Nixon 
photography assistant. Ou Lin, Shaoqi Xiang + Yingwen Fei 
fashion assistant. Zhangle Dai + Hongyin Lin 
location. Street Studio


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