francis ford coppola’s palazzo margherita

Photo: Riccardo Puntillo

We at Schön! love the 19th century Italian resort Palazzo Margherita, which has recently been renovated by American film director, screenwriter, and producer Francis Ford Coppola and the acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange. Situated in the small hilltop town Bernalda in the Basilicata region, it is the birthplace of Francis’ grandfather Agostino Coppola and was first built in 1892.

This stunning resort, which opened its doors to the public on 1 March this year, is part of the Coppola Resorts, a collection of award-winning properties around the world. Coppola, who acquired the property in 2005, wanted to create a place that was both family-friendly and allowed its guests to relax in serene surroundings at the same time.

The palazzo’s interior was inspired by the theatrical and extravagant style of the Baroque period as well as of the rich colours and textures of traditional Moroccan design. Beautiful tiled floors and hand-painted ceilings can be seen across the intimate resort that holds nine guest rooms, all located around an inner courtyard that opens up to a lush garden where you can just sit and relax or take a cool swim in the nearby private swimming pool.

Photo: Lisa Limer

Photo: Tim Beddow

We think one of the highlights of the resort is the grand salon inspired by the work of Italian film director Luchino Visconti. During the day, it is a place for reading, playing cards, and sipping afternoon tea, while at night it turns into a high-tech cinema that offers Coppola’s private collection of classic Italian films.

All the suites at Palazzo Margherita have been individually designed so that you can feel like you are visiting a private home that perfectly blends old traditional Italian experience with all the modern amenities of today. What can be better than that? To find out more, visit the Palazzo’s website.

Photo: Lisa Limer

Words: Malin Ayvaz


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