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As niche fragrances become more ubiquitous throughout the industry, German label MAVEMADE wants to take things a step further — creating fragrances imbued with soul and meaning. The label’s diverse collection is both unique and luxurious, including a range of personal fragrances that reflect different aspects of one’s personality. This, in turn, becomes an extension of the wearer’s self.

The idea behind this is simple. Scent is a sense deeply tied with memory and emotion; by creating scents associated with each of these specific feelings, the label intends to both reflect and conjure those feelings, allowing for a mastery of sense and self over repeated wearings. By starting one’s day with an empowered scent, they can carry on knowing that they hold the power and emotion that the scent carries — something that will start their day right and keep with them as the day continues.

In total, there are nine unique fragrances, all elegantly packed in unique, understated bottles. Each fragrance bears a name that states its purpose, ranging from GLÜCK (happiness/luck) and WAHR (truth) to feelings like WUNDER (wonder) and ZWEIFEL (doubt). With every fragrance comes the encouragement to play, enrich each daily ritual, and set a tone that will last all day. Explore the full collection from MAVEMADE now.

Explore every fragrance on the MAVEMADE website.

direction. Stephanie Pistel
concept, poetry + co-direction on set. Saskia Reiss
production. Star Burleigh
make up. Sandra Govers for ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics
talents. Michaela Schwarzenauer, Daniel Traub, Samira Prudentos + Mia-Maria Schanz
production @ ambassadors. Wiarda Postma
edit. Oscar Marmelstein + Bram Koopmans
grade. Amy Besate
sound. Amp.Amsterdam
sound production. Sindy Kuipers
sound. Bertus Pelser + Martin Snel
post-production + special thanks. Ambassadors



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