bra. Kriss Soonik
corset, shorts + shoes. Prangsta Costumiers
stockings. Agent Provocateur
bracelet + gloves. Grays Antique Market

In this Schön! online editorial, photographer Federica Barletta catapults us into a wonderworld where Gucci-esque quirks meet the bittersweet aesthetic of circus decadence. Celia Arias styles model Flora Ayres in show-stopping headpieces, lingerie and other skin-baring pieces by designers including Prangsta Costumiers, Agent Provocateur and Marieyat. Back-combed hair and colour-driven make up by Yuuki Yanase and Sunao Takahashi, respectively, imbue the scene with dramatic energy.

bodice + ponytail. Prangsta Costumiers
blouse + shoes. Grays Antique Market
gloves + parasol. Stylist’s Own

top + brief. Marieyat
bloomers + neck ruffle. Prangsta Costumiers
suspenders. Rosie Von Boschan
gloves. Grays Antique Market

top + underwear. Rosie Von Boschan
stockings. Agent Provocateur
belt + gloves. Prangsta Costumiers
suspenders. Stylist’s Own

headpiece. Pransgta Costumiers
gloves. Gloved Up Gloves

underwear + bra. Rosie Von Boschan
dress. Prangsta Costumiers

top, brief + garter. Marieyat
headpiece + crinoline. Prangsta Costumiers

bra. Kriss Soonik
headpiece. Prangsta Costumiers
rings + dress. Grays Antique Market

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Federica Barletta
fashion. Celia Arias
model. Flora Ayres @ Elite Models
hair. Yuuki Yanase
make up. Sunao Takahashi
fashion assistant. Lauren Ami
special thanks. Matty Harrison


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