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Photographer Ed Phillips captures originality and exuberance in this Schön! online editorial. Stylist Donnika Anderson dresses the various models in the likes of Malan Breton, Dorateymur, and Vivienne Westwood to reinforce the diversity of the photographs — associating style with activism, creativity, and individuality.

Mickey wears
dress + headpiece. Ella Marsh
gloves, necklace, belt + shoes. Stylist’s own
Eliot wears
coat, tie + shirt. Joshua Crabtree
trousers. Malan Breton
shoes. Model’s own
gloves. Stylist’s own

Nassia wears
corset + skirt. Claire Barrow
shoes. Dorateymur
tights worn as shawl. Grace Kennard
hat worn as bag. Robert Wun
earrings + tights. Stylist’s own
Nassia wears
leotard + tights. Claire Barrow
bra, belt + earrings. Stylist’s Own
shoes. Dorateymur

Nassia wears
corset + skirt. Claire Barrow
tights worn as shawl. Grace Kennard
earrings. Stylist’s own
Fiona wears
coat + cap. Markus Wernitznig
bra. Model’s own
tights. Katya Zelentsova
shoes + bag. Dorateymur
eyewear. Shady Cherie Archive
earrings. Emma Brewin

Kiana wears
dress. Malan Breton
tights. Claire Barrow
shoes. Dorateymur
cap. Markus Wernitznig
hat. Robert Wun
sunglasses. Ace & Tate
earrings, necklace + bag. Stylist’s own

Diane wears
dress, cardigan + belt. Ties Grace Kennard
coat + hat. Emma Brewin
necklace + earrings. Stylist’s own
hat underneath. Grace Kennard x Hurtence

dress, headpiece + gloves. Motherwomb by Savanah Avery
earrings. Stylist’s own
Doll wears
dress. Motherwomb By Savanah Avery
Fiona wears
coat + trousers. Malan Breton
shoes. Jade Palace Collective
lampshade, scarf + earrings. Stylist’s own

Webster wears
top. Vivienne Westwood
trousers + shoes. Joshua Crabtree
earring. Model’s own

Wenjing wears
cardign + shorts. Grace Kennard
shoes. Jade Palace Collective
hat. Grace Kennard X Hurtence
sunglasses. Wires Glasses
earrings, necklaces, belt + tights. Stylist’s own
Ohanna wears
corset + shorts. Hanger Inc.
bag. Jamie Wei Huang
shoes. Dorateymur
sunglasses. Wires Glasses
necklaces. Model’s own
hat, earrings + bra. Stylist’s own

Sheldon wears
jacket + scarf underneath. Robert Newman
shirt. 1X1 Studio
leotard, overknees + socks. Daniel Rozsahegyi
trainers. CAT Footwear
gloves. Stylist’s own
Donnika wears
belt. Emma Brewin
shoes. Fayette.ma x Didu

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Ed Phillips
fashion, casting + set design. Donnika Anderson
creative direction. Halima @ Adarchives
models. Eliot @ Tomorrow is Another Day, Mickey @ Grey, Nassia @ Troy Agency, Kiana @ Linden Staub, Fiona @ Nevs, Diane @ Grey, Jaana @ Casting Real, Webster @ Nii Agency, Wenjing @ Storm, Johanna @ Nevs + Sheldon @ Select
hair. Mike O’Gorman
make up. Anastasia Hess
photography assistants. Angus MacKinnon, Lewis Robinson + Ivano Pagnussa
fashion assistant. Phylisha Wisdom
make up assistant. Quelle Bester


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