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Kalina Kocemba

This year, during Feeric Fashion Week in Sibiu, ‘F33ric’ was born. F33ric, sometimes stylised as Feeric 33, is a competition that sets out to support and commend the work of upcoming designers by offering them a platform to display their work to a jury of acclaimed members within the fashion industry. Whilst more than 110 designers submitted their designs to the competition in hopes of presenting their work at the fashion week’s headquarters, only 33 were chosen as finalists, thereby granting their designs the opportunity to appear before the judges. The 33 finalists were awarded the opportunity to present their work to a panel made up of influential and noteworthy journalists, buyers and fashion industry professionals the likes of Riccardo Terzo, contributor of Vogue Italia, Adriana Di Lello, Fashion Features Director Elle Italia, Liana Satenstein, Senior Fashion Writer Vogue US, Tania Cursano, Owner & CEO of IT ELITE Showroom, Patricia Lerat, Project Manager of Designers Apartment Paris Fashion Week and to add Carolina Molossi, Co-Founder of GetBookALook Digital Showroom; and our own Editor in Chief, Raoul Keil.

Additionally, as well as granting the finalists the chance to showcase their work, this incredible competition offered the designers the support needed to launch a business in the industry, upheld by a 3-year management contract worth 30,000€ with Feeric Fashion Week and The Secret Code of Fashion Agency. The contract will not only aid the young designer with production costs but will also cover areas such as marketing, advertising, public relations, sourcing and intellectual property; giving the designer the encouragement and endorsement needed to grow and establish their brand. The main winner will also receive support from Bianca Popp with the first prototypes of their first collection. Other prizes extended to the finalists include a summer course scholarship for 2019 to IED, Instituto Europeo di Design in Italy; a collaboration with V for Vintage trade-fair platform; a fashion editorial and cover for 33 MAGAZINE and a 3,000€ voucher for printed fabrics, provided by Printcenter. Finally, Landiana, the Vice-President of Feeric Fashion Week will choose to wear the designs of 3 finalists during fashion month in September, thereby promoting the creations and assisting the designers in increasing their international recognition.

After much deliberation and consideration, the jury selected Poland-based designer Kalina Kocemba as the F33ric winner. With inspiration taken from nature, the designer impressed the judges with her astonishing attention to detail and the indisputable skill present in her designs. The designer’s creations featured frills and structures that formed stunning 3-dimensional silhouettes that perfectly complimented the muted beige and white tones of the creations. Kalina Kocemba’s exceptional proficiency leaves no doubt that supported by the Feeric Fashion week contract, her brand will thrive.

Cat & King

Another young designer that merits acclamation is Cat + King, from New York City. The American duo presented a bold and innovative collection encompassing a sense unique of authenticity. As a brand focused on creating custom clothing for its clients, Cat + King provide every client with tailor-made clothing and a somewhat personal shopping experience. The collection itself was comprised of contemporary clean lines that emanated elegance and sophistication whilst at the same time upholding a youthful feel, as a result of the daring mix of colours. To read more about the inventive approach behind Cat + King, click here.

Hiske Hottinga

An additional finalist that deserves commendation is Dutch designer Hiske Hottinga, whose breathtaking garments stunned the catwalk. The designer’s handcrafted, sustainable creations exhibit immense skill and, upon close examination, it is astounding to discover that she has not been in the industry for years. Her white and gold designs are quasi-angelic thanks to the textured threads that break away from the fabric, whilst the daring structure of the sleeves are truly mesmerizing.

Aigerim Kairat

Similarly, Aigerim Kairat fascinated the catwalk with a freedom-filled streetwear collection. The Kazakhstan-based designer’s creations were daring, rebellious and entirely captivating, whilst provoking an emotional response. Engrossed in layers of contrasting colours and covered in different slashed and torn materials, the clothes were incredibly powerful to watch as they approached the end of the runway. Kairat’s contemporary approach to clothing unquestionably makes the brand one to watch and it is clear that the young designer will prosper with the ongoing success of high fashion streetwear.

Alexandru Manuel Pop

Alexandru Manuel Pop is another designer whose fascinating designs graced the runway, showcasing his immense artistry and skill. Although the Romanian designer’s creations may not be as easily wearable as the other finalists in the competition by traditional standards, his ingenious designs presented avant-garde qualities that made the garments entirely unique. Whilst the designer’s black and metallic creations were made-up of a multitude of differing materials, they collectively harmonized the entire collection impeccably.

Discover more about ‘F33ric’ here.

words. Tamara Hamandi


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