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A woman’s kingdom, her sacred beauty and golden allure were the essence of Elie Saab’s Byzantine mosaic collection. Models ruled the runway adorned in meticulously beaded confections interwoven with dazzling gilded thread; wearing cotyledon crowns envisioned for the empress du jour. Photographer Alice Jacquemin captured behind-the-scenes preparations before the models emerged on the runway. 

Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0295 Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0015Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0042Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0204Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0032Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0064Elie Saab 2Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0069Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0089Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0123Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0109Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0175Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0182Elie Saab 3Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0023Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0461Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0436Backstage-Elie-Saab-FW16_0196

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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