easton schirra to release debut project “milky way midnight”


Easton Schirra is finally releasing his debut project, Milky Way Midnight, on July 24. “Milky Way Midnight is a journey through the past couple years of my life — its highs, lows, moments of pure ecstasy dancing off the walls and the pitfalls of tremendous heartbreak,” the artist tells Schön!. “Stay up all night, high as fuck, and drift through the galaxy with me.” Coming to prominence as a photographer, Easton has spent years honing his skills as a musician to sizable effect. His 2018 self-released track “Blue Love” has over one million streams. Milky Way Midnight, which will be released on +1 Records, continues this journey for a work that took over two years to produce.

To celebrate the release, Easton will also host a stream on Instagram Live. The artist is inviting friends and collaborators to join him on Instagram Live, where they will discuss their craft, history and simply just enjoy each other’s company. Featured on the stream will be big-time influencers and celebrities like Delilah Belle, Travis Mills, Kayslee Collins, and more. “Obviously I am promoting my project, but I am also trying to curate an environment where I just want creative people to just be and live in a time when we’re not allowed to be creative. We’re being stifled,” Easton details.

As the Instagram Live also takes place on National Tequila Day, all pours will be on the heavy side. To that point, the stream will feature sponsorship from Cutwater Tequila. In the end, however, it’s all about family and comradery. “For me to have a full day to just be with people I love and respect, and have that moment, it means the world.”On the same day, Easton will also be dropping a video for his lively single “Vitamin D Gun” — a perfect encapsulation of the moody-yet-summery energy evident across the album. 

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photography. Preston Alan-Denunzio 

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