backstage at paris women’s | each x other

Each x Other 1Each x Other’s collection was marked with cargo detailing, easy-to-wear bombers and buoyant mini-dresses. Statement tees plastered with varying poetic profanities inspired by Robert Montgomery and Jefferson Hack proved that designers Jenny Mannerheim and Ilan Delouis understand the language of contemporary collaboration and the semantics of style. Photographer Alice Jacquemin takes us behind-the-scenes to peep on the models as they get runway-ready.

Backstage_Each-x-Other002 Backstage_Each-x-Other014 Backstage_Each-x-Other020 Backstage_Each-x-Other021 Each x Other 2 Backstage_Each-x-Other022 Backstage_Each-x-Other035 Backstage_Each-x-Other046 Backstage_Each-x-Other037 Backstage_Each-x-Other039 Backstage_Each-x-Other038 Backstage_Each-x-Other044

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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