Schön! Video presents |duchamp 23rd anniversary

Duchamp Look Book Page 20 from Duchamp London on Vimeo.

In an exclusive collaboration with Duchamp, Schön! is very excited to unveil a 20 second film showcasing a bit of what Duchamp have to offer in their new Autumn Winter 13 collection.

The London based brand celebrates their 23rd anniversary this year and in true Duchamp style, they’re highlighting the luxury tailoring that they have come to be known for. Despite its French sounding name, the collection is a brilliant example of ‘Britishness’ done well. In keeping with this, you’ll find the fabrics used further draw on British heritage, with many fabrics being designed and woven in one of the oldest mills in the UK.

This year, the dandy gentleman is the inspiration behind Duchamp’s Autumn Winter collection. Beautiful Scottish and English wool are used in one and two button suits, while rich check colours of mauve, blue and grey are subtly seen in dashing 3 piece suits.

After 23 years of providing luxury menswear, quality and detailing are still at the forefront of Duchamp’s designs. The Autumn Winter 13 collection takes years of experience in its stride, ensuring the modern day dandy gentlemen is left sporting a stylishly opulent, yet laid-back look -with effortless flair.


Words / Jade Thompson
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