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Pet owners, meet your new favourite label. Dogily specialises in creating complementary pieces for pet owners and their furry friends. With everything from jewellery to matching scarves, there’s sure to be a Dogily product that both you and your pooch will love. Today, Schön! is joined by the mind behind the label to hear how the brand got started, what products it currently offers, its charity initiatives and where it plans on going next.

First, can you introduce our readers to Dogily?

Dogily is a pioneering one-stop-shop for pet-owners to find fashionable accessories for their furry friends and their own matching pieces. At Dogily, you can shop luxury quality and designer stuff for your pets at affordable prices! Our goal is to build Dogily as an established brand that comes first in people’s mind whenever they want chic pet accessories!

full look. Dogily

What inspired you to launch Dogily?

I started keeping my first ever Corgi 2 years ago, and as a dog-mum and a fashion-conscious shopper, this idea of matching outfits caught my attention and I tried looking for matching accessories online. However, I saw a sea of pet accessories in the market, but they are either too cute to match with my daily outfit or their price is going over my budget. Nothing in between. That’s when I realised that there aren’t many options for reasonably-priced good quality pet accessories which fit my fashion taste. So one day while talking with my team, we decided to create our own brand to serve those fashionable dog-mums like me!

Why did you opt to work primarily in silk? 

We work in silk because we want the softest fabric on our pets, and silk was the first thing that pop up in our minds. We are in the hunt for all the best materials because we want to build a brand for luxe and style in the pet industry while trying to keep the price more affordable. Silk Scarf is our debut collection that combines quality and style, which we always stress! We want to make sure our customers and their furry babies get the softest luxury experience from us!

full look. Dogily

For someone who is excited by Dogily but doesn’t know where to start, what products would you recommend?

Definitely try our latest 14K gold jewelry collection. Our gold necklaces are super gorgeous and practical – what a girl would be excited to wear every single day! It comes together with a very user-friendly pet tag, so just put it on your pet’s collar, and there you go, a matching look! We are also planning to have a gold initials pendant for pet owners who want a bit more personalised matching jewelries with their doggies!

Your site mentions sustainability. Can you tell us about Dogily’s commitment to sustainability? 

The fashion industry always harms the environment. We don’t want to follow suit. Thus, we work closely with our manufacturers to develop pet accessories with sustainable materials and timeless design to reduce waste. Our products are selectively handcrafted and guaranteed to be durable; no more fast fashion! We also work to eliminate plastics and increase recycled content overall in our packaging to protect our planet and provide a better environment for the animals.

full look. Dogily

full look. Dogily

What can you share about your partnership with i=Change? 

We strive to include an ethical meaning to our orders and i=Change provides us this opportunity. For every order we receive, 1 USD donation is made to protect wild animals, and empower women and girls in less privileged countries hoping to make a difference to our world. Our employees also regularly volunteers at dog shelters to help dogs and cats in need. In the future, we will have more different partnerships with charity organisations. Definitely stay tuned!

What’s next for Dogily? 

We want to continue spreading our idea of dog-and-me matching concept to every pet-lover, and we are currently developing more pet jewelry options as well as dog daily accessories like customised pet-tag and dog-collars. We will keep growing our business and I want fashionable pet-owners to see Dogily as a dreamland one day!

full look. Dogily

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photography. Theo Tang
fashion. Crystal Chui
creative direction. Cindy Lee
model. Polina, Anastasiia Koll, Miriam, Layla + Orli

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