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POAN is a fashion brand that suggests a specific way of life. Short for ‘Peoples of All Nations’ and named after J.A. Hammerton’s 1922 book, POAN stands for tolerance and sustainability.

After an accomplished nine-year tenure as vice head of menswear at Vivienne Westwood, POAN‘s designer and founder Georg Weissacher brought the book’s ethos to life in his own label. “This book made me realise that we can achieve harmony through diversity,” he says, “that we can deal with the challenges of a modern, connected world successfully only when we cherish and nourish our respective differences.” The brand’s LOVE series is the perfect testament to that.

Exploring “the emotional spectrum” of the “quintessentially human quality,” POAN centres its first-ever offering on the versatility of love. Whether platonic, sexual, or familial, the brand traverses love and romance through film and fashion. “[Film] is the best medium of storytelling we have created,” Georg Weissacher added.

Featuring POAN’s current cruise collection, the LOVE series transports us to Weissacher’s native Austria. Shot in Salzburg and offering a reinterpretation of The Sound of Music, POAN puts a fashion spin on the story and portrays the couple with the kids as a modern tale of love. Yet, it keeps a sensitivity for the original context.

But LOVE is just the first offering of POAN, who plan to disrupt the tradition fashion cycle with 6 capsule collections a year — in hopes to maintain a healthy creative flow and adapt to the actual needs of a modern global consumer. 

With a design studio in London and production partners in Italy, POAN puts technology, innovation, and sustainability at the forefront. POAN’s signature pieces combine knit and woven elements using the same yarn — making for aesthetically consistent pieces and ensuring a supreme fit. 

With new fur and leather-free collections dropping every two months, the brand hopes to encourage its consumers to reduce single-use plastics while pushing “fabric and fashion design a step further.” 

POAN designs for the modern, savvy consumer — for peoples of all nations. 

Discover more about POAN on its website, Facebook and Instagram.
Shop the LOVE collection, both women’s and men’s styles, online now. 

creative direction. Georg Weissacher
dop. Annette Remler
photography. Giulia Gasparini
hair + make up. Christine Schneider + Bernadette Baier
models. Leebo Freeman, Lucette van Beek, Brieuc Breitenstein + Scott Adams

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