did i see you in a dream?

earrings. Mondo Mondo @ Shifting Worlds
hoops + chains. Francesca

Did I See You in a Dream?

Show me a sign.
Blink your eyes twice.
Whisper some sweet nothing.
Or make a full confession, and tell me everything.
I’ve spent countless hours in solitary reflection.
I’ve hidden my heart away.

Now, I flower like a full moon.
Now, I say it to you straight.
Show me a sign.
Let me know for sure.
Stand with me in this light.
We cannot let it pass us by.

This Schön! online editorial was photographed by Jess Brohier. Hair and art direction are by Zeïna Thiboult. Models Malaan and Adhel wear selections from Mondo Mondo, Muse the Label, Rus and others styled by Lydia Vingos. Make up for the editorial is by Chloe Rose. The above poem was written by Genevieve Callaghan

collars. Muse the Label
skirt. Rus @ Shifting Worlds
skirt. Camilla and Marc
earrings. Han Wen
hair sculptures. ZYUMAYA
flower. XXFLOS

blazer + trousers. Y’s Yohji Yamamoto
sandals. A.Emery
hat. Eliurpi @ Shifting Worlds
earrings + chain. Francesca

blazer. Viktoria + Woodz
earrings. Mondo Mondo @ Shifting Worlds
skirt. Camilla and Marc
bag. Medea @ Shifting Worlds

polo top. Rus @ Shifting Worlds
sandals. Bianca Buccheri
hair sculpture. Zyumaya
pearl earrings. Francesca
rings. Sphere Jewellery
plinth. Zachary Frankel
coat. Y’s Yohji Yamamoto @ Shifting Worlds
boots. Alias Mae
hair sculpture. Zyumaya
hoops. Francesca

coat. Miyake @ Shifting Worlds
shoes. Raid
gloves. Vintage
earrings. Faris
lumier lamp shade. Homebody

dress. Dion Lee
sandals. A.Emery
earrings. Faris @ Shifting Worlds;
rings. Francesca

handbag. Georgia Jay @ Shifting Worlds
pearl + chain bracelet. Franscesca
faux fur upholstery fabric. Homebody
earrings. Francesca
ring. Mondo Mondo @ Shifting Worlds
dress. Kateri

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Jess Brohier
art direction + hair. Zeïna Thiboult
fashion. Lydia Vingos
models. Malaan @ The Talent Büro + Adhel @ Chadwick
make up. Chloe Rose
photography assistant. Gina Cawley
studio. Alt-House
words. Genevieve Callaghan

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