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Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0054An iridescent rhapsody of nocturnal inspired dresses and masterfully tailored tuxedos drew inspiration from the dazzling 1970s and early 80s at Dice Kayek‘s Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Couture Show. The collection, slightly more subdued than the well-oiled Studio 54, blended the decade’s sumptuous arts scene with vibrant Swarovski torsos and paunchy peplums uncovering a pop art parade of stroboscopic silhouettes. Photographer Alice Jacquemin lensed behind-the-scenes preparations before the curtain rose. 

Dice Kayek 1Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0056Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0113Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0156Dice Kayek 3Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0086Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0194Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0313Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0221Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0315Dice Kayek 2Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0269Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0291Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0430Dice Kayek 4Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0264 Backstage-Dice-Kayek-FW16_0486

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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