des astrum

Photography courtesy of Hauser Gallery

Hauser Gallery in Zurich is currently exhibiting the solo show “des astrum” by twin brothers Markus and Reto Huber, known as huber.huber. Throughout the series, the artists address the transience of man and nature with a great subtleness that takes a while to identify, but feels perfectly appropriate to its subjects after. Butterflies, rich colours and dreamy illustrations are arranged in collages, drawings, photographs, objects and installations. All of these are cleverly arranged layers, so each piece is its own statement of the ambivalent relationship between civilization and nature.
The main themes of hopes, fears, beliefs, death and failure of mankind is being analysed in an artistic yet quiet way that has a peaceful effect on viewers despite the fact that exploring topics like ‘failure’ are quintessentially destructive.

Photography courtesy of Hauser Gallery

One of the most interesting aspects about the brothers’ works is the way they are inspired: For a previous project ‘Small Bodies I’, they found personal black-and-white photographs of holidays, landscapes, playful horses, fireworks, celebrations and nude women found at flea markets in New York. For Des Astrum, huber.huber follow the same theme by destroying the idyllic atmosphere captured in the images through natural forces, using multi-layered motifs and a vast array of different techniques and materials. The intriguing mix of destruction and peace found in the pieces leaves us unable to draw away from the images, as the art cleverly captures the calm before the storm.

Markus and Reto Huber (*1975) studied Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (HGKZ). Since beginning to work together in 2005, their work has been exhibited and awarded internationally.

Photography courtesy of Hauser Gallery

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