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Luxury is often described as something of great comfort and elegance.

However, the narrative on mind and body luxury is most present in the deeper layers of our existence and surrounding. Even just a simple touch of nature can make us aware of the luxury that is around us in our daily life. Scholl Iconic found the perfect balance of the varied definitions of luxury by teaming up with luxury resort Daios Cove on Greece’s magical island Crete for its Spring/Summer 2022 capsule launch.

The beauty of the significant vast landscapes and Mediterranean waters of Crete flows through the concept and design of the capsule collection. The earthly tones that are seen throughout the island create that prepossessing balance with the azure colours of the sea. It is these two elements that feed upon each other to create stability and growth for new life. Daios Cove created a peaceful place between these elements, where one can find itself in the comfort of natural traits, boosting mindful relaxation.

The term wellness is not often perceived as a trait within footwear. We communicate about comfort, breathability and style and barely about the physical injustice that our feet have to deal with throughout our lives. That is why the key point of the capsule collection was to find the connection between the well-being of our feet and contemporary footwear. The collection launch couldn’t find a better timing, aligning it with the opening celebration of the resort’s new wellness hub KĒPOS, where contemporary design and a holistic approach to health blend with technological innovation. Something that characterizes Scholl Iconic’s heritage and expertise since the start of the brand in 1899.

Above all, the experience of the environment in the Daios Cove resort reflects the beauty and natural outlook that can be found in the design of the Pescura shoes of Scholl Iconic, unifying an all-around feeling of comfort and ease. Wearable in two colours, the shoe integrates with its surrounding and creates the grounded feeling we are looking for in a getaway.

The shoes are available at, Daios Cove and selected stores worldwide, starting from 130 EUR.

Don’t hesitate to experience the natural beauty of the Daios Cove luxury resort to bring your summer fantasy to life. 

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