on the 6th day of christmas we subscribe to socks!

We’re an imaginative bunch here at Schön! and socks would usually be at the very bottom of our Christmas list, if not absent entirely. However, when we stumbled across Socked.co.uk, we couldn’t help but think that this sock subscription service would make a great gift for a fussy friend or a discerning dad. Socked.co.uk offer a variety of sockscription options but we think the premium service, where four brand-new pairs of socks will be conveniently delivered to your loved-one’s door every month.

Finally we should note that there will be no Santa/reindeer emblazoned novelty pairs in sight – socked.co.uk deal solely with chic, high-quality black socks. After all, socks are for life, not just for Christmas.

A Socked.co.uk subscription starts at just £19. See the Socked.co.uk website for more details.

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