on the 12th day of christmas we defy gravity

You might think spending the festive period aboard a superyacht is exciting enough, but then you’ve probably never heard of McQueen Luxury Toys. Schön! love their array of grown-up gadgets, all of which are perfect for hedonist holidaymakers. Our favourite toy however, has got to be the FlyBoard which attaches to jet skis to give brave waterbabies the chance to soar through the air like a bird before plunging into the sea with the ease of a dolphin. Suddenly sunbathing looks a little, well, boring.

The FlyBoard is available from €4100 at fly-board.es but McQueen Luxury Toys also have outlets in Ibiza and Barcelona so why not take your Christmas cruise on a detour and check out the full range of high-octane playthings in person.

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