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In times of aggression, hardship and adversity, it is culture, fashion and art that provide a much-needed light in the darkness. After more than 100 days of turmoil, the people of Ukraine are coming together to show a new side of the country and celebrate the uniqueness of Ukraine’s creatives at the Ukrainian Fashion Weekend. Bringing together 12 brands with strong roots in Ukraine, Ukrainian Fashion Weekend will blend the distinct character of the country of Ukraine and the originality of its designers, showcasing designs in clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

The fashion brands showcased in Ukrainian Fashion Weekend include IVAKOLOSOVAEGORINI and more. All of the designers are dedicated to honouring Ukraine’s cultural heritage through their work by using aspects of the country’s natural landscape, the charms of their ancestors, and the country’s ethos of unity to bring everyone together. All of the brands featured at Ukrainian Fashion Weekend will be presented live in London.

As a way to support Ukraine and its people during these turbulent times, Ukrainian Fashion Weekend is partnering with the non-profit organisation United Ukraine Foundation. By purchasing items from the brands featured, attendees can help raise funds for prosthetics, rehabilitation and mental health support for those impacted by the war. 

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