chinese style

coat + trousers. M essential
earrings. YVMIN

We’re bringing you tastes from China in this Schön! online editorial. Shot by Zhang Qian, this series captures model Ziyu Zhou on single-colour backgrounds with touches of foliage, giving a modern elegance to both traditional and contemporary styles. She is styled by Xuxu with make up by Luanjie Xiong and hair by Mark Xu.

coat + trousers. M essential
earrings. YVMIN

sleeveless shirt + dress. Tommy Zhong
earrings. YVMIN
shoes. Mukzin

dress. Ban Xiaoxue
shoes. Mukzin

coat + lace top. Simon Gao
trousers + earrings. Mukzin
earrings. YVMIN

blazer + skirt. Simon Gao
earrings. YVMIN
shoes. Zara
blazer. Simon Gao
earrings. YVMIN

top + trouser. Ban Xiaouxe
leather corset. Simon Gao
earrings. YVMIN

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Zhang Qian 
Luanjie Xiong 
Mark Xu 
Ziyu Zhou @ Longteng Models


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