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In a new platform celebrating women’s work, i-D brings you an inspirational project with CHANEL, where six female artists bring to life a vision that is inspired by CHANEL’s perfumes. Bringing together creative figureheads in a digital space that comes to life with viewer participation, The Fifth Sense explores the potential for sensorial creation through various mediums: whether that be photography, installations, collages or video, we’re invited into an introspective journey, discovering what identity and female creation means in today’s culture. The first instalment of the six-part series is a documentary traces the production of Mirror Maze – an immersive installation built and designed by Es Devlin. She’s the mastermind behind countless set design masterpieces: you’ll have unknowingly seen her work, most likely in the form of Beyoncé’s giant rotating LED monolith, or for Kanye’s All Day Brit’s performance.

esdevlininstallation-7733 esdevlininstallation-7990On her contribution to The Fifth Sense platform, Devlin takes inspiration from Mademoiselle Chanel’s long-time affiliation with perfumery, designing an immersive piece, namely a mirrored maze. Viewer’s can continue to experience the maze in digital form on the interactive video platform: the viewer is thrown into the twists and turns of reflected images of the Mirror Maze, taken on an introspective journey by Es Devlin. Moving between rooms, all senses are confronted, culminating with a fragrance created by CHANEL’s very own nose, Olivier Polge.


As an online platform, viewers can discover daily video and global editorial content on The Fifth Sense. Moving forward into the series, celebrated photographer Harley Weir brings you her project Five Women, a short film on five female creative shaping our contemporary cultural landscape. As a figure-head of a new format of photography and being a self-taught fine arts graduate, Harley Weir captures female subjects in an intimate light. Her videos on The Fifth Sense will be accompanied by a Zine, available to pick up in select locations across the capital. Inspired by the strong notions of femininity associated with CHANEL N°5, Weir’s subjects are shaping our contemporary cultural landscape: CHANEL N°5 has become an iconic smell in its own right, one that conjures images of some of the most recognised women of this and the past century. Now we discover the female figures who are defining the cultural icons of our time.

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