Champions of Breakfast with Neelam Gill

Ever increasing in popularity and slowly becoming a socio-gastronomic focus, breakfast is weaning back its deserved place into our lives. In the whirlwind rat race of creative industries, refuelling in the morning can easily become a functional, box-ticking activity. Re-evaluating the importance of a moment of peace in the morning and celebrating the ceremonial aspect of breakfast, Nespresso is investigating how key-players in various parts of the industry celebrate their mornings. Nespresso takes us into the world of model-of-the-moment Neelam Gill as she reveals what makes her breakfasts extraordinary.


As she burst onto the scene with her Burberry campaign in 2014, Neelam Gill shook the roots of the fashion industry, becoming the first Southern Asian model to front luxury fashion houses. Opening the pathway to diversity, Neelam has gone on to become a figurehead, gaining following worldwide, always remaining a fervent defender of diversity. Her career has taken her on a global adventure, but her work in London is what remains the most thrilling. In the second instalment of Champions of Breakfast, Neelam takes us into the details behind the passion for the morning ritual.


Curating flavours to the Nespresso blend Indriya from India, Neelam’s breakfast of choice is a personal take on the British fry up classic, with tiny twists handed down from her mother. For the beverage-food pairing, the Indian roast marries Arabica with hints of Robusta, adding a full-body flavour to the savoury breakfast. As for the food, prime choice of ingredients is her secret – taking care in selecting ingredients from local stores, heading to her favourite butchers and organic grocers – as she musters up a spicy variant on baked beans. Harking back to family Punjabi traditions and the social aspect surrounding food, Neelam Gill emphasizes how taking the time to cook from fresh and to bond with friends is crucial. A brilliant start to the day, breakfast takes centre-stage in Neelam Gill’s daily routine.

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