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Over the last few years, CBD has taken the world by storm. It’s shown up in everything from bottled water to candy, lotion and more. Now, ROOR is presenting something brand new — not just one, but three new first-of-their-kind rolling papers with CBD-infused, natural gum. 

Paired with this bold new product is an equally striking visual identity; each of the three new lines comes in an exciting neon colour. Capturing the right visual style was important to ROOR. After all, changing the game with a unique visual appeal is nothing new to the brand. Since launching in 1990, ROOR has crafted top-tier glass pipes with a strong blend of style and function. This tradition carries over to its new rolling papers, which showcase a cutting-edge language defined by a brutalist graphic style that combines sharp and simple graphics with flat colours. This dynamic, along with a flexible and fluid interplay between the three main fonts  —  Sharp Grotesk, Monument and the always arresting Black Mamba  —  make for a very memorable and recognisable visual identity.

The new products are each distinguished by their particular neon colour: orange, green or yellow.

UNBLEACHEDs colour is orange, selected for its eye-catching nature and boundary-pushing connotations. UNBLEACHED rolling papers are made from special, sustainably-sourced, unbleached wood fibres, giving the papers their distinctive light-brown tint, soft feeling, ultra-thin width and slow-burning characteristic. Like all of ROOR’s new CBD-infused papers, UNBLEACHED papers are GMO free and contain no chalk, dyes, additives, chlorine or bleaching agents.

Next comes greenORGANIC HEMP. This paper shares the colour of the hemp plant, representing freedom, growth and simple good times. The booklet itself contains slow-burning papers with a pleasant natural beige colour, made from 100% organic hemp grown and produced in France.

The final new entrant to the ROOR family is the vivid yellow booklet RICE, aptly made from rice paper.  This is the colour for dreamers and the imaginative, and both the booklet and the papers themselves embody this spirit with their vibrant look. The papers have a silky, resistant finish, lent by the hemp fibres they contain. 

Each of these fluorescent colours is an energetic call to action — a lively boost for the adventurous, creative spirits of the world who can’t help but stand out.

CBD’s global popularity widens every day, and it’s the perfect, natural addition to ROOR’s rolling papers. With this new, unique touch, as ROOR would say, “It’s Lit”.  

For a first-time dive into the ROOR universe check-out this bright, mind-enhancing video that was created to celebrate the birth of the world’s most eye-catching rolling papers.

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