calvin klein | aaron taylor-johnson makes his calvins or nothing debut

Confidence is woven through every Calvin Klein campaign. Their new spring collection for Calvins or nothing, featuring Kendall Jenner, JENNIE, FKA twigs, Michael B. Jordan, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is no exception. Stripping back to fresh faces and classic intimates, the collection of photographs and videos released this past week have been fuelled by Calvin Klein’s innate ability to elevate simplicity.

With some of the most iconic billboard advertisements, Calvin Klein continues to set the tone for celebrity endorsements. Their Calvins or nothing campaigns are unparalleled, producing revealing and barely-there imagery that is synonymous with the brand. Creating a compelling advertisement for Calvin Klein means one thing: collaborating with all kinds of talent and seamlessly connecting them to their timeless designs. 

Shot by the legendary photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the campaign is reduced to the bare minimum. The absence of props, colour, and overall extravagance creates a personal scene, letting the subjects—especially Taylor-Johnson—explore their confidence within a vulnerable space. 

Unlike the returning brand ambassadors, this campaign is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s debut for Calvin Klein. The 32-year-old actor is the perfect fit, valuing minimalism and comfort within his own style. Far from his previous role in Bullet Train as a British assassin—where action and comedy take the forefront—his work with Calvin Klein has allowed his audience to see him in a new light.

Delving into his sensuality, Taylor-Johnson is photographed in signature CK underwear designed with high-quality cotton and comfortable elastic waistbands, lighting up the screen with his incredible physique and alluring character. Aside from underwear, he sports new washes in 90s-style jeans, alongside their denim trucker jacket and crisp white tees.

Similarly to Taylor-Johnson, the rest of the cast exudes confidence, promoting Calvin Klein’s newest designs. The Athletic Cotton, Modern Cotton, and Modern Performance underwear—worn by most of the cast—feature the signature Calvin Klein elasticated trim in newly designed colours and styles. Lace Sheer Marquisette and Geo Lace triangle bras accommodate a sensual and delicate side of JENNIE, FKA twigs, and Jenner in their respective shots. Women’s 90s-inspired jeans are also a part of the campaign, as well as a sculpted denim bralette and ultra-high cropped wide-leg jeans.With Calvin Klein’s cast set to expand for their next Calvins or nothing campaign, it will be interesting to see whether Taylor-Johnson will become a recurring face of CK in the future, following in the footsteps of this spring’s ambassadors.

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direction and photography. Mert & Marcus
words. Amber Louise

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