butterfly dream

face mask + jacket. Gilles Asquin
gillet. Vintage
trousers. Victor Weinsanto

Take a one-way trip to Morocco in this Schön! online editorial shot by Pierre-Emmanuel Testard. Model Tilila embodies the various lives of Moroccan women: traditional, modern, commercial, laborious and beyond.

face mask. Gilles Asquin
shirt. Orphée
dress. Coralie Marabelle

shirt. Eclort
jacket + trousers. Vintage

top + belt. Vintage
shirt + trousers. Bougroug

top. Victor Weinsanto
trousers. Vintage

jacket. Orphée
shirt. Bougroug
body + trousers. Vintage

jacket + trousers. Vintage
shirt. Coralie Marabelle

bag. Bougroug
caftan. Costume Made in Marrakesh

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Pierre-Emmanuel Testard
fashion. Anwar Bougroug
model. Tilila
make up + production. Jade Berrocal


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