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total look. Marina Porta
total look. Abrahamsson


The place we come from defines our life: the roots from which

we grow up. In my case this place is a small village in the

middle of nowhere. A piece of arid earth and dry crops. A sad

memory that makes my eyes completely red.


I ran away from there when I was a child, running out of

breath, trying to find kinder roots, a place with no fear. I

imagined a big city and a flat with high ceilings. I met

thousands of people, I made hundreds of friends. But one day

a strange feeling of melancholy grew suddenly inside me.


I came back to my town and watched the sky of my childhood.

That day the crops were intensely coloured in yellow and

orange, that dry earth was actually alive. And my eyes became

red again, this time out of joy.


Photographer Carlos Folmo captures duo Tony Perlo and Alain Kortazar in this Schön! online editorial. Jorge Ariza styles them in a range of outfits, pulled from brands the like of Abrahamsson, Habey Club, Alejandria Cinque, Amennoa and Deyi. Meanwhile, Valentina Izumi finishes the look with a natural make up. The editorial is rounded off with a free verse poem by Emmanuel Álvarez.


shirt. Emeerree
trousers. Abrahamsson
dress. Habey Club

necklace. Herrerias
shirt. Deyi
vest. Habey Club
shoes. Herrerias x Modenes
earrings. Amennoa

jockstrap. Alejandria Cinque
earrings. Amennoa
top. Habey Club
trousers. Coconutscanskill
shoes. Art Alternative Shoes
earring. Amennoa

boots. Abrahamsson

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Carlos Folmo
fashion. Jorge Ariza
art director. Alexis Ocon
models. Tony Perlo + Alain Kortazar
hair + make up. Valentina Izumi
photography assistant. Vicky Álvarez
fashion assistant. Victoria Saldaña
art assistant. María Pérez
text. Emmanuel Álvarez

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