bloom | gen-z with down syndrome

On the heels of Down Syndrome Awareness day, director Irina Alexiu and Format Film unveils a cinematic film to celebrate the amazing qualities of those with Down Syndrome. Collaborating with Down Plus charity, Alexiu and Format Film created a one-of-a-kind fashion film that highlights acceptance, love, and transcending boundaries. A sprawling and stunning ode, Bloom is a kaleidoscope of lived experiences of those with Down Syndrome. Whether it’s playing football, applying make up and snapping selfies together, or strutting one’s stuff in a bold, striking red gown, Bloom celebrates the beauty of uniqueness and how we all have the power to embrace our own special qualities.

“We are thrilled to present our cherished initiative, BLOOM, which showcases the extraordinary abilities and grace of Gen Z individuals with Down Syndrome,” states Alexiu. “This video project is a tribute to unconventional beauty and the boundless possibilities of every person, irrespective of their disparities.”

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

direction. Irina Alexiu
styling. Flaviana Isachi
make up. Adriana Radu
dop. Tudor Cioroiu
production. Andra Mirea
production company. Format Film
editing. Filip Airinei
colour. Anri Adler
sound mixing. Claudiu Mărginean
first ac. Barbu Nitelea + Mihai Schiopu
production assistant. Adrian Solomone
special thanks. Asociatia Down Plus Bucuresti + Answear Romania

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